15 Words To Fib Your Way Through An Electronic Music Festival

15 Words To Fib Your Way Through An Electronic Music Festival

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If you're planning to attend an Above & Beyond concert, you ought to know what Plur, Kandi or a Fist Pump means. Don't know what these words are? Well, let us help you.

Here are 15 words that you must know before heading to an Above & Beyond concert. Thank us later!


Meaning: Manually going back and forth through a sound's waveform.


Meaning: Peace, Love, Unity, Respect.


Meaning: Colorful bracelets that kids and/or adults wear at show.

rolling face
rolling face

Meaning: A person who is high on ecstasy.

rave bunny
rave bunny

Meaning: A girl gone crazy at a music festival.

light show
light show

Meaning: Shows that involve glow sticks or LED gloves


Meaning: Repeating arm and feet movements while dancing.

fist pump
fist pump

Meaning: When an individual simply puts his or her arms in the air and moves them like he or she just doesn't care, it's called Fist Pump.

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  • Meaning: Zoning out while listening to trance music.

    that drop
    that drop

    Meaning: A beat that makes you leave your drinks and just dance.


    Meaning: Everytime Avicii 'Levels' comes up, you say, 'so mainstream'.


    Meaning: The main DJ or the act of the night is called as the 'Headliner'.


    Meaning: A person who is sweating too much due to alcohol or drugs consumption.


    Meaning: A term used to describe an awesome song.


    Meaning: Diffraction glasses that change the way the lights look.

    Above & Beyond is one of the world's leading electronic music acts. The Above & Beyond India tour starts off on 10th March in Chennai, 11th in Hyderabad, 12th March Bengaluru, 13th March in Mumbai. You can get tickets here.

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