Want to submit your set to Banger Radio?

Banger Radio is looking for Artists, Producers, and DJs that make or mix bangin' music. We are accepting Drum & Bass, Jungle, Hardstyle, Hard House, Hardcore, Industrial, Dubstep, etc.

About Banger Radio

Banger Radio is an online radio station that is all about the love of the music and wanting to share the music we enjoy. The radio has no affiliation or monetizes in any way. All the artists, DJs, and producers that submit music to us have no contact or connection with Banger Records. We do not hold any rights to any music shared with us. This will not interfere with any relations with other record labels, managers, or promoters. We do however share each submission to social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and is posted on our website. We also post the audio for listening on Spreaker, SoundCloud, and MixCloud. The post on our website is a small profile of the artist, DJ, or producer created by the form that is filled out on submission. Each submission is a set from 1-3 hour that is a showcase of their work. We can also do live sets and interviews, via Skype.